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YouTube Live event

I’m again to late to promote the event on my own blog but the second ‘Ask Me Anything: WEBCON BPS’ live event will be on the 14th May.

Target group

You don’t need to be experienced in WEBCON BPS, if you are wondering how and whether you could solve a problem /digitize a process with WEBCON BPS you are welcome too.

Asking questions

Before the event

You can send me question in advance:

  • Via my LinkedIn profile.
  • Via mail listed on my LinkedIn profile.
  • WEBCON Community.
  • As a comment to this post.
  • Via mail ama*daniels-notes.de
  • Using this Forms survey

During the event

If you have a question /comment during the event, you can post it via the chat. If something is interesting for others too, you could use reactions. This will make it easier for me to identify these.

I will try my best to keep track with the chat.

If I don’t receive any questions in advance, I will just start the Ask Me Anything with the main topic of my latest post: Using Playwright to execute tests against WEBCON BPS.

After the event

What will happen with unanswered questions? In case this happens, I will answer have in mind to answer them one way or the other:

  • Comment
  • Blog post
  • A follow up video, which is not live.
  • Another Ask me Anything episode

At least I assume, that there will be at least a second episode. :)

Type of questions

As the title suggest you can ask me anything, but there are areas in which I have no experience at all:

  • Barcodes
  • Large databases
  • Mail approval
  • OCR
  • Performance indicators

That doesn’t mean you can’t ask, but there’s a high chance that I either don’t know the answer or I’m not confident of the answer, as I have no practical experience. In other areas my experience ranges from “There’s a chance that my answer is wrong” to “I’m sure the answer is correct.”

If there are questions related to integrating ERP systems, I have only experience with Business Central.

The questions can be either in English or German, I don’t speak any other language.