I’m Daniel Krüger living in Germany and my job title is that of a ‘developer’. Even so this is my professional title I describe myself as a guy who solves (business) problems with means of IT. If I understand the problem I will find a way to solve it.

My professional carrier can be divided into three parts each focusing on a ‘major’ technology I used for creating solutions:

  • NAV (3.6 – 2009 RC1)
  • SharePoint 2003 - 2016
  • Webcon BPS 2018+

While working with these major technologies my “end-to-end” mindset forced me to use a lot of other “technologies” to solve my needs. Of course, I used some of these technologies in more depth than others while I haven’t used others in years.

  • AD: User Management, Kerberos
  • Azure: Scripting, VMs, Apps, Graph, Claims
  • Development: C/AL, C#, JavaScript, Angular AngularJS, PowerShell, SOAP/REST Service (Consumption/Creation)
  • SharePoint Solutions using: SSOM/CSOM, Search, Business Connectivity Services, Ecspand, Intranet/Internet facing, Custom Web Server Backends
  • SQL: TSQL, Performance, Analysis Services, Reporting Services
  • Workflow Engines: SharePoint (Nintex), K2, Webcon BPS

Another reason for this broad usage of different technologies is that I had to integrate different technologies from the beginning. This dates back to NAV 3.6 where I created a solution to push any NAV data and reports to SharePoint 2003.

Whenever I do something, I will try to avoid doing something twice. at least if it can be automated in a feasible time frame. This can be something as simple as copying updated files from a dev server to a test server or creating a script for deploying a solution in different environments using a config file with settings for the specific environment. There’s just nothing more annoying and error prone than repeating oneself. :)

About this site

The intention of this site is to have place to ‘outsource’ my memory whenever possible. It will contain snippets, documentation and the like of things I created in my private and professional time. In the later case these have been approved by my employer and will be tagged accordingly.