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LinkedIn Post I 💗 WEBCON BPS: Speed is not enough


Carousel: Speed is not enough

Speed is not enough

Mike Fitzmaurice said once1

The demand for applications in today’s business world is unprecedented, but:

  • Quality cannot be compromised for speed.
  • It’s not enough to build applications quickly and easily.
  • Our platform supports the entire application lifecycle
  • They need to be enterprise-grade, which means more than just scalability.
  • It allows you to deliver future-proof apps that grow and evolve along with your company.”

Is this just marketing talk2, or is it real?

This is a question one can answer only for oneself, but my posts may provide insides for such a decision. In the past six month I’ve shared 16 reasons why I still love implementing applications with WEBCON BPS, even so I’m using it for more than five years. Below you find an overview which of my posts contribute to which topic.

Quality cannot be compromised for speed:

Building applications quickly:

Application Lifecycle:

Enterprise-grade applications that evolve with your company:


Part Title Blog LinkedIn
01 99% Low-code/no-code implementation 1% high code Blog LinkedIn
02 Leveraging benefits aka early go-live in < 2 month Blog LinkedIn
03 Transporting applications Dev->Test->Prod Blog LinkedIn
04 Change request there’s a typo Blog LinkedIn
05 Greatly reduced testing time Blog LinkedIn
06 Time to market Blog LinkedIn
07 Gather debugging information Blog LinkedIn
08 Being CEO for a day (working on behalf) Blog LinkedIn
09 I no longer hear “Who send these test mails?” Blog LinkedIn
10 Yes, remove this … AARRRGH (Dependency tracking) Blog LinkedIn
11 From OnPrem to SaaS and back? Without migration effort? 🤣 Blog LinkedIn
12 Same process, multiple subsidiaries but different data sources? Blog LinkedIn
13 Ever evolving Blog LinkedIn
14 Multilanguage and evergreen documentation Blog LinkedIn
15 If you repeat yourself, you are doing it wrong Blog LinkedIn
16 In numbers I trust Blog LinkedIn
  1. Mike is Chief Evangelist & VP WEBCON North America. Unfortunately, the page is not longer available from which I took the words. 

  2. I don’t intend to offend anyone from marketing. I’m just a practical person who prefers tables with technical details over beautifully designed slides and similar. ;)