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I’m currently watching a looong workshop and installed an extension for faster playback yesterday. Today I noticed this user voice: Allow watching a video at a different speed.

This got me thinking:

  1. The extension is nice, but it’s a bit lacking.
  2. Using the option to execute JavaScript from a bookmark could come in handy.

Which led to a little video play control. Clicking on the bookmark (1) will load the script which in turn creates an alert (2).

The loaded script shows the offered options
The loaded script shows the offered options

How to use it

Creating the bookmark

Create a bookmark with the following line. There must not be any line breaks.

javascript:(function(){var scr = document.createElement('script');scr.type = "text/javascript";scr.src = "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/Daniel-Krueger/js_snippets@0.4-beta/video/html5_playcontrol.min.js";scr.async = true;document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(scr);})();
Adding the load script as a bookmark/favorite
Adding the load script as a bookmark/favorite

Using the bookmark

Browse to any html 5 video platform and click on the bookmark. There are three different outcomes:

  1. If everything works fine an alert is shown with a short documentation, like the in the initial screenshot.
  2. If the website doesn’t use html 5 videos the message an according messages is displayed: No videos found; if there are videos here, they aren't html5 videos or they have been embedded. In the later case go to to original website hosting the video.
  3. If no message appears, there was something wrong with the bookmark or the script is no longer accessible.

I’ve tested the script with https://www.youtube.com/ and https://web.microsoftstream.com/. Here’s a matrix in which browser the bookmark has been executed during my tests.

Browser Bookmark dialog Bookmark bar
Chrome x x
Edge o x
FireFox x x

Remark: This won’t work for pages which embed videos. Go to the original video platform and execute the script there.

Remark: The selected action will be applied to all playing videos. If you press s the playing videos are stopped, if there are none, the once which have been paused via play control we be continued.

Keyboard short cuts

Key Action
w The playback rate will be set to 1 (default).
a Current playback rate will be reduced by 0.25.
s Toggles play/pause; if any video is playing they will be paused otherwise the last paused video will start to play
d Current playback rate will be increased by 0.25.
y/z Last paused videos will be wind 5 seconds backward
x Will pause all playing videos and wind them 5 seconds backward
c Last paused videos will be wind 5 seconds forward

Info: y/z use the same option to reflect both kinds of keyboard layout.

Remark: Pressing c on YouTube will show / hide captions. This also happens if you press shift+c or other combinations, so there’s nothing which can be done here.

Bookmark explanation

The script pasted as a bookmark URL loads a minified version of a JavaScript file from my GitHub repository. Since you cannot directly reference files from GitHub it’s loaded via: https://www.jsdelivr.com/

The URL of the file contains a specified version @*. This specifies the release. ../gh/Daniel-Krueger/js_snippets @0.4-beta /video/html5_playcontrol.min.js Only this version of the file will be loaded. With this option you can rest without fears, that something bad will be added to the code in the future.