less than 1 minute read BPS Version: 2022.1.4.127


Even so changing the account is actually straight forward, I wasted to much time because I didn’t click on the obvious second Save button. I’m creating this post in case someone else is doing the same and encounters this error message after ‘changing’ the account.

Error: License Service connection error. Please configure license service connection (endpoint not found).

Changing the account

Here are the necessary steps, after starting setup.exe and going to Tool and application management:

  1. Select Local service configuration
  2. Select Change user
  3. Provide the user name and password
    In my case we are using a local user.
  4. Save the user
    This takes a while and it at least updates the global parameter ServiceLogOnAccount in the configuration database. It does not update the account of the windows service.
  5. Save the changes
    This was the the step I forgot. This will update the account of the windows service and something else.
Changing the service account user.
Changing the service account user.

What does not work

It is not sufficient to change the windows service account, even after updating the parameter ServiceLogOnAccount. I don’t know it, but my best guess is, that the ServiceConfig.xml contains some related information and get’s updated in step 5.