WEBCON BPS online demo

You can experience what it’s like to start processes, respond to tasks, track work, and analyze reports from these 20 sample solutions:

Advances Employee onboarding Invoice processing Marketing orders
Car fleet administration Expense report IT Asset Management Press releases
Change requests Helpdesk & ticketing IT system registry Sales activities
Consultations HR requests Leave of absence Training courses
Employee onboarding Investments Mailroom Travel request

There’s nothing to install; just register and browse to the portal to try it out. The solutions are ready-made, and you get to try them from the end-user perspective. These sample solutions were made to be easily understood by WEBCON. If you’d like to try modifying/improving them, or building original applications of your own, check out the other two options.

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WEBCON BPS online trial

If you want to see what it’s like to build and curate solutions with WEBCON BPS you can sign up for a 60 day online trial. These run in a multitenant software-as-a-service offering. They are ready in moments and involve zero installation.

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WEBCON BPS Express (freemium)

What’s WEBCON BPS Express?

If you have any local or online infrastructure available, you can download and install the WEBCON BPS Express edition. What’s the meaning of freemium though?

Benefits Limitations
It’s free, with all features. 10 GB database limit
It never expires. Single Environment (no dev-to-test-to-production scenario)
You can even use it in production.  

The main limitation is the 10 GB database limit, there aren’t any features missing in the Express version.

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Kamil Nędza created a video tutorial of setting up such an environment. He speaks polish but provided English subtitles too.


The minimum requirements for any WEBCON BPS installation are:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or newer with IIS
  • SQL Server 2012 Express or newer with Advanced Services

In case you want to know more about the architecture or how a setup for over ten thousand users looks, take a look at the infrastructure guide and scroll down:

Infrastructure guide - 2. Prerequisites (no SharePoint platform)

The downloaded package contains a detailed installation manual in English.

Start with application templates

There are 26 freely available application templates. You can import these via Designer Studio and give them a try. This applies to the online trial or WEBCON BPS Express. If they don’t quite fit, make them your own. In case of question just drop me a message.

Application templates overview

Transferring processes between hosting options

Yes, you are understand this correctly, if you started with an online trial you can export your applications and import them in your own WEBCON BPS environment. Of course, this applies vice versa if you started with an own environment and you want to move to the cloud. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used “Of course”, because it’s not often so easy with other products, but that’s the WEBCON way.